January 22, 2012

One day, Two looks

(Read more about my hairstyle at the end of the post)

Shirt, Lush; Sweater, Lush; Pants, BGD; Bag, Vintage; Shoes, Vintage.

Here's a new look. I was actually in a rush to go meet my friend for lunch and threw this on and made Holly take a picture for me before I left. I loved this because, yes, you've seen both the tops before but the colors, oy. And it was so casual.
Fun fact about the shoes, I've had them for almost four years and bought them used. I've never needed a new pair of a type of shoe so badly before but why spend $45 when I just have these! 

So I came home from this lunch and I thought I would have like ten minutes to get ready to go see My Fair Lady (to which I was supposed to be a bit fancy) so I kept the pants and the shirt and it was a whole new outfit. Take a look: 

Shirt, Lush; Jacket, Vintage Anne Klein; Pants, BGD; Shoes, UO Kimchi Blue.

So, you can't tell in the picture because the color's all messed up but the shoes and the jacket are practically the same color and it looks awesome. We were almost late for the play and I actually had to run in these shoes, and let me tell you, it was not fun (but it was, apparently, funny to watch). You have to jump from one foot to another, it's not even really running. 

I showed a picture of my hairstyle at the beginning, and I'll explain. I saw this post on Brandy Melvilles blog about the "french braid updo" that one of their employees does and I liked it but my hair is pretty short as you can see. So I did a normal braid but angled up and it's still (9 hours later) holding up there, then I took my sisters (well mine now, she gave it to me) hair pin and managed to hook it on. It stayed up all day and all night no problem. Definitely a new favorite of mine. 

I'll complain about my camera in my next post which is all from this "nicer" camera I borrowed from my brother. 

Have a great weekend,