March 6, 2012

Color Shock

I know that it's not actually spring yet but in yesterday it was 85 degrees and staying warm. I have spring on the mind.

So since I was dressing for warmth, I started to think about what it was that I wanted to wear this spring. Colors popped into my mind, some that I've been obsessed with for a bit already and some that I know I need to be on the look out for from now on.

What better spring color than mint? It's light, airy and just plain adorable. As of now, I own a pair of minty taupe suede maryjanes and a mint blazer (posted earlier). My nails are mint as I type and I just want my life to be in mint right now!


This neutral is such a perfect color for spring. It's light, but still wintry. It makes a good base to any outfit. The shoes are the best part for me. I love brown shoes and those chelseas have been calling my name for months. I had wanted black but now these own my heart. Unfortunately, the only camel colored item in my wardrobe is a big overcoat, not very spring. 


What's more spring than crochet? Even though white is great for any season, these specific items called my name. The long sleeves in white are thin enough to work for a cooler spring day. Also, any colored bottom looks perfect with a white top. And I may try to rock a hat this year (but my head looks odd in hats, sigh).


It started with coral lipstick and now I'm in love. I bought a pair of high waisted cord shorts from Topshop in Chicago (which look perfect in a white top, as mentioned above). I'll post a look with them soon. But this makes for a nice accessories color, nails, or shoes.

(All of these collages were made on polyvore and can be found on my profile)

I guess the gist of it is that light colors and more pastel colors are going to be the color of my spring (and probably my summer since camp means limited shopping... very limited). I've always loved lighter colors, and I'm really looking forward to sporting them. 
But we'll see if I can find/remember to find these colors.